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Create a discussion response to the below….150 words
Tasks done can be identified by the project implementation plan, or rollout schedule and also identify the order they need to be done as well as outlining who is responsible for doing them. Realistically, it is only natural that schedules can fall behind what is planned. Companies and project managers can combat this be building contingency plans and resilience into the rollout schedule by first and foremost, assembling a contingency planning team that has experience in every aspect of management to the grunt workers and create risk assessments to responding to a wide variety of threats. The team must also create a business impact analysis of all threats to find out what damage these threats would cause. The team must conduct a tabletop exercise in order to see how a threat would affect the program and how the employees would respond to such a threat. After the exercise, a report must be drafted in order to discover the lessons learned, and improvements that would need to be made. Then those issues would need to be addressed and fixed to minimize any impact a real threat would cause.