Topic 3 – Submit Your Homeworks

Please be very through and read the directions carefully. 
I will complete the powerpoint, just answer the complete the work.
Reference the txt book :
Pozgar, G. D. (2019). Legal and ethical issues for health professionals (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning
Read the “Questionable Medical History Conducted Case Study,” located in Chapter 10 of the textbook. 
 You are a health care administrator and have come across a case study from a community hospital. In order to prevent this incident from occurring in your practice setting, prepare a 10-15 slide PowerPoint educational presentation for your staff. Include the following in your presentation: 

Describe the ethical issues and principles that were violated in this case.
Describe the potential legal issues of concern.
What tools or resources should this organization pursue in order to ensure high quality history and physical (H&P)?
Explain whether negligence has occurred in this case.
Explain which requirements meet the criteria for determining negligence in court.
Describe how this situation can be prevented in your practice setting.