ColumbiaSouthern Children & Disasters: Hurricane Response And Recovery

You have been asked to participate in a discussion-based tabletop exercise (TTX) that will help prepare your emergency management team and others in your community for a natural disaster. Since your community is on the coast, the TTX will cover how the community will respond to a hurricane.
You will begin this assignment by viewing the Adobe Captivate presentation linked here. (Click here for transcripts of video 1, here for video 2, and here for video 3 from the presentation.) Throughout the scenario presented, you will be asked questions. Please make note of what your answers to these questions will be as at the end of the presentation, these notes will be used to compose a paper based on the scenario.
Your paper will consist of the following sections:

introduction to the scenario, including a description of the disaster your community will be facing and its impacts on the community;
how your community will prepare for the disaster and how your team will work to protect the community from effects of the disaster;
how your team will respond after the disaster has passed;
how your team will help the community recover from the disaster;
how risks can be mitigated in preparation for future disasters;
conclusion (hot wash), consisting of lessons learned after the disaster, any organizational strengths and weaknesses that occurred, next steps to consider when planning and preparing for the next disaster, and at least five short-term and long-term goals that your team should follow up on.

Your paper should consist of at least three pages with at least two outside sources, one of which can be your textbook. In addition, utilize the CSU Online Library when locating your sources. Please use proper APA style for citations/references and paper formatting (which includes: title page, double spacing, one-inch margins on all sides, and 12-point font size in Times New Roman).