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This is an individual assignment. You will create an annotated bibliography. You are expected to plan your own timeline for completing this assignment.
In this course, there are numerous resources; there are assigned weekly readings, valuable “Optional Audio and/or Visual Items” (button on L-hand side of the site), databases that may be new to you, and scholarly references located through your literature searches. As you save, bookmark, and/or reference any of these items for this course, you may consider placing them in the annotated bibliography. Further, consider what may be of use to you in the remainder of the program (e.g., Capstone course, 49800) and your professional career. For example, you will need to create a PICO question in this course. Any EBP resources you use now many be of use to you during your Capstone project as well, as the project is an EBP project and you will be required to create a PICO question then as well. Therefore, consider placing those resources in your annotated bibliography as well. This assignment is intended to create something for you to refer to during this course as you work on the assigned project as well as to take with you at the end of this course. As such, it should hold value to you.
Each of your annotations should summarize, assess, and reflect. Please see the Purdue OWL website for further information on how to create a summary and evaluation of each resource:  Annotated Bibliographies and Samples. Well-informed opinions are encouraged in each annotation; if you find a website that isn’t user-friendly, for example, state that in your evaluation of the resource. Including such evaluations in your annotated bibliography will ensure that your future self will be well-informed.
Prior to your list of annotations, write a brief paragraph at the beginning of your document that describes your rationale for selecting included annotations. There is no minimum or maximum number of annotations. There is no required content or resources that must be included. The intent is to have a repository of resources deemed useful by you and for you. 
Present your Annotated Bibliography in a scholarly and professional manner (i.e., APA formatting and no errors in spelling or grammar).
I included 4 articles that you can use for this assignment. 
I requested 3 pages, if you end up with more pages, let me know so I can adjust the pay. No more than 5 pages please.